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Rupert's People - The Magic World of
The latest release from one of the UK's finest re-issue labels. Classic UK psych / feakbeat from this highly prized 60s band. This disk presents all their singles, in pristine quality, plus live tracks from both '69 and '99 and the pre-Rupert's People 7" by Sweet Feeling.


So what do you get? All the familiar songs are here including; Reflections of Charlie Brown, Hold On, Prologue To A Magic World, Dream On My Mind all of which are perfect examples of the UK's Psychedelic Pop sound of the mid-sixties and are presented here in the best sound quality yet. Anyone with a passing interest in the UK psych needs to buy this disk.

It's great to finally have all this stuff on one disk! Also included are some live tracks from '69 which, OK, are very rare, but they're not going to bowl you over. You've always got to be a bit wary of re-formations, everbody's at it these days, with varying degress of success, but Rupert's People pull it off pretty well and, thankfully, the '99 tracks don't diminsh from their ever growing reputation.

If you're a lover of the black wax, you can pick this up in a glorious double gatefold LP, complete with 3 track EP.