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Hello, and welcome to Circle Records’ website: If you enjoy discovering more about obscure groups from the 'sixties and 'seventies, and those influenced by these times, then you’re home, because so do we! Circle’s aim is to re-acquaint the world with ‘the lost treasures’ – whether unusual or unreleased recordings, or simply ‘cult classics’ in need of re-appraisal.

As a record label, we specialise in getting the music to you via high-quality Vinyl pressings and equivalent C.D.s, made with full attention to sound and design detail. We want to give recognition to under-appreciated musicians and performers: Those who perhaps weren’t ‘in the right place at the right time’, didn’t manage to ‘clinch the deal’, or whose ideas may not have fitted the commercial demands of the record industry – either ‘then’ or ‘now’. Our discs are made with the assistance of former group members and ex. label owners wherever possible. Because of these factors, each project can often take a long time to get to the ‘release’ stage, but when it does, we hope that the resulting records bring happiness and satisfaction to both artists and customers alike.

Above all, have fun and keep listening: It’s the music that matters, and you’ll always find enthusiasm for that, from your friends at Circle.